AB switches are a line of switches designed for combat robotics. They feature optional anti-spark circuits, high current capacity, low weight, and are designed to fail into a "closed" position.

Current Rating

Rather than provide a complex table of temperatures, currents, and load-times; AB switches are tested to work with a wire-gauge and a battery connector. For Example: If you are using an AB-90 switch with 10AWG wire and an XT90 battery connector, the switch will remain functional even after the wire and XT90 get so hot as to de-solder.

Design Considerations

AB switches have a single "Floating" contactor. This means that one of the contactors moves slightly up and down as the switch articulates. Because of this, AB switches require a flexible wire connection, and cannot be bolted directly to rigid terminals


AB switches have an optional anti-spark switch. This makes them suitable for use with most brushless escs at higher voltages (12s), as the switch can pre-charge the capacitors in the escs before fully switching on. The anti-spark resitor is external, allowing users to pick a resistance value based on their application: 100ohms 1/4 watt works well for a single vesc 4.20, however if you are powering more escs you may need a lower value resistor (and potentially a higher wattage resistor)

Housing Materials

AB switches are housed in impact resistant FDM 3d prints (exact material may vary by batch and with availability of filaments). High temp SLA nylon housings will be available at a later date as an upgrade item if I am able to find a reasonable supplier.

Contactor Care

AB switches will ship with a small piece of sandpaper. The design is such that the contactors can be removed, and lapped with the sandpaper. THis should greatly extend the lifespan of the switch; As corosion builds up it can increase the resistance of the switch and lead to it over-heating under load. Regularly servicing the contactors by sanding them smooth and clean again will solve this issue.

Environmental Impact

  • AB-90 switches are shipped in 100% post consumer recycled packaging.
  • Copper cast offs from contactors is 100% recycled.

Bulk orders

If you are ordering large quantities of switches, contact me directly at isaak.malers@gmail.com I can offer bulk pricing.